Ethiopia enjoys peace and stability after state of emergency: Command Post Secretariat

(EBC; July 7, 2017)- Secretariat of the command post Siraj Fegesa, who is also Minister of Defense, has briefed the media on the country's current situation in the wake of the state of emergency Ethiopia has declared nine months ago.

Siraj told journalists that the state of emergency has brought a number of encouraging results.

Accordingly, the country is enjoying prevailing peace following the state of emergency declaration.

This was made possible through collaborative efforts of the people at all levels, Siraj noted.

He added that the security forces at different states of the country have also been given trainings.

Siraj went on to say that anti-peace elements bent on disrupting the country's peace have been brought to justice.

Moreover, investors are now going about their businesses without any problems as a result of the State of Emergency.