Ethiopia plans to launch its own satellite into space

 (EBC; July 12, 2017)- Ethiopia has planned to launch its own satellite into space in the long term.

 Ethiopian Council of Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute has held its first regular meeting at the prime minister's office on Wednesday.

With emergent space technology aspirations, Ethiopia has built the East Africa's first astronomical observatory in Addis Ababa in 2015. The country is working to expand the program by building a far more powerful observatory around Lalibella.

To realize this and further space science achievements, members of Ethiopian Space and Science Technology Institute council have held their first regular meeting and discussed wide ranging issues including Ethiopia's long-term plan of launching its own satellite into space.

Present at the event premier Hailemariam Desalegn noted that Ethiopia's development and democratization processes should be used as the benchmark for the country's aerospace technological advancements.

Bahirdar University President Dr. Baylie Damtie said India's aerospace technology is a model for Ethiopia's space exploration endeavors.

Members of the council drawn from Ethiopian universities have approved the council's draft directives.

The council has also dwelt on the nine month plan performance of ministry of science and technology.

Reporter: Shiferaw Lakew