Ethiopia says two outlets let enough water to downstream countries

(EBC, January 8, 2016)- Ethiopia has presented representatives of Egypt and Sudan with explanations regarding the adequacy of the two outlets of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in letting water to the two downstream countries.

The experts' team drawn from the three countries discussed in Addis Ababa on the matter based on decisions passed in Khartoum, Sudan.

According to Bizuneh Tolcha, Public Relations Director at the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, during the two days meeting, Ethiopia made explanations regarding the adequacy of the two outlets in letting plenty of water to the downstream countries. 

The decision to have only two openings follows extensive studies that also considered such issues before the actual launching of the mega project, Bizuneh said. 

Therefore, Ethiopia does not need to redesign the dam project or increase the number of water outlets, he added. 

The experts' team will present outcomes of the meeting to their respective ministries.

During the Khartoum meeting, Egypt requested Ethiopia to raise the number of openings to four which attracted further explanation from Ethiopia.

But Sudan agreed on the number of water outlets which let water to downstream countries. 

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia invited ministers, professionals and journalists from Egypt and Sudan to visit the construction site of the dam with a generous intention of creating transparency and cooperation.

Source: ENA