Ethiopia, US train AU soldiers to fight al-Shabaab in Somalia

(EBC; March 20, 2017)-  Ethiopia reaffirms commitment to keep working in partnership with regional and international organizations in the eventual transition of AU led mission to Somalia.

‘Justified Accord 17', a joint table top exercise, has kicked off on Monday to better capacitate AMISOM.

‘Justified Accord' is a military exercise focusing on African partners' capability and interoperability in support of African Union peace keeping operations.

This year, the exercise has turned its face toward AMISOM to further strengthen its operational capability.

Over one hundred participants drawn from AMISOM troop contributing countries are taking part in the five day training here in Addis.

The training dwelt on the eventual transition of AMISOM to Somali-led mission in addition to topics such as humanitarian law, protection of civilians and disaster relief.

Major General Jon Jenson, Deputy Commanding General, U.S Army in Africa said the training is also believed to strengthen partnership and effectively respond to regional security threats.

 Brigadier General Bulti Tadesse, Coordinator, Ethiopian Peace Support Division for his part said Ethiopia which is the biggest contributor of AMISOM troops, has reaffirmed commitment to keep working together with regional and international bodies in the effective transition of AMISOM to Somali-led mission.

Currently, Ethiopia has over 4,000 troops operating under AMISOM.

 Reporter: - Bezawit Eyoel