Ethiopian soil scientist wins IFA Norman Borlaug Award

(EBC; May 10, 2016) - The Ethiopian soil scientist, Professor Tekalign Mamo, has won the 2016 International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) Norman Borlaug Award.

The professor is awarded for his outstanding contribution to improving soil health and natural resource bases in Ethiopia for the last three decades thereby benefiting over 11 million smallholder farmers.

Efforts spearheaded by Professor Tekalign to reduce the country's severe land degradation, soil acidity and nutrient deficiencies that hinder crop growth have played a critical role in Ethiopia's agricultural renaissance, it was indicated.

The Ethiopian soil scientist has received several awards, including the 2014 African Green Revolution Yara Award and UN FAO Special Global Ambassadorship role for 2015 International Year of Soils.

Source: ENA