METEC begins assembling railway carriages

(EBC, 16 February 2016) - Metals and Engineering Corporation has started assembling freight hauling wagons with a capacity to carry 700 quintals of good, announced the corporation.

The announcement came as the corporation displayed locally assembled freight moving wagons at the Diredawa Locomotive Sub-Industry.

A range of METEC assembled machineries were put on display in connection with the annual Army Day.

METEC is assembling cargo trains at its Diredawa manufacturing hub, according to Major Gebre-egziabher Tsegaye, General Manager for Locomotive Sub-Industry at METEC.

Talking exclusively to ENA, the GM said the center is enjoying full support from Diredawa city administration.

METEC is assembling six carriages a day with a four-month plan of assembling 530, hence saving foreign currency for the country, Major Gebre-egziabher said.

The corporation also acquired 100 hectares of land from the Diredawa City Administration to build an industrial unit which fully manufactures freight wagons domestically.

The model plant will commence operation within 18 months, he said, mentioning further plans to export domestically manufactured carriages to foreign markets.

The plan will also create thousands of jobs for graduates from technical and vocational institutions as well as those coming from higher learning institutions.

Molawork Belachew, with 18 years of service at the former Diredawa Railway Enterprise, acknowledges initiatives by METEC to inspire workers through better wages since its takeover.

He said METEC's welcoming of long serving employees creates a better opportunity for future activities.

Deputy Mayor of Diredawa and head of the city's trade, industry and investment bureau, Adduljebar Abdulsemed commended the pioneering role of METEC in transforming the nation into industry-led economy.

Elders of the city who visited the exhibition by METEC also praised efforts of the corporation in realizing what they called the renaissance journey of the city in particular and the nation as a whole.

The 3.4 million USD Ethio-Djibouti modern railway line is in its final phase to launch full service.

Since 2011, METEC took over the former Diredawa Railway Enterprise along with its 250 employees.

Source: ENA