Somali Council of Ministers says ONLF commander extradited to Ethiopia was a terrorist

(EBC; September 7, 2017) - Somali Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday said the handover of the commander of the terrorist group, ONLF (Ogaden National Liberation Front) Abdikarim Sheikh Muse to Ethiopia was in line with "previous joint agreements between [the Gov't of] Ethiopia and the Somali Federal Government," that recognizes the Al-Qaeda affiliate militant group- Al-Shabaab and ONLF as terrorist organizations.

The statement said, "The agreements recognized that the two armed groups - Al-Shabaab and ONLF - are threat to the national security of the two countries and that the two governments maintain joint collaboration and deal against the two groups".

It added that "Abdikarim Sheikh Muse has organized acts against the national security and carried out such acts inside the country and had links with Al-Shabaab".

Source: MoFA