“OLF should disarm its fighters that are not disarmed yet”- Government

(EBC; October 10,2018) The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) had returned home after disarming about 1300 of its fighters and should do the same with its fighters that are not disarmed yet, said Ethiopian Government Communication Affairs Office.

State Minister with the Office Kassahun Gofe said if the Front fails to do so, Ethiopian government will take disarmament measures to ensure the safety of its citizens and to defend constitutional order.

In an interview he made with Walta Television recently, OLF Chairman Dawud Ibsa said he will not disarm its fighters and there was no such agreement with the government. 

The State Minister Kassahun Gofe said, the government invited armed groups to the country so that they can conduct peaceful struggle, and hence disarmament issue was not an option.