EPRDF congress concludes adopting seven-point resolution

(EBC; October 06/2018)  - The 11th organizational congress of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has concluded its meeting this afternoon by passing seven points resolution.

The highlights of the resolutions posted on the official EPRDF face book in Amharic are the following.

  • The participants have reached consensus on the huge responsibility trusted upon them to protect the reform that has entered a new chapter from subversion.
  • We shall struggle firmly for the consolidation of multiparty system by expanding the democratic space and respecting fully individual and collective rights.
  • Measures have been taken to create national consensus and expand democratic space. We shall strive hard to further broaden the space and the multi-party system.
  • The federal system is playing a crucial role. However, the constitutional rights of citizens have been violated in different parts of the country. We have agreed that this should be stopped, the rule of law respected, and questions of identity resolved legally.
  • We have agreed to work hard to create a stable macro-economy by boosting production and productivity.
  • Anarchy is witnessed in the country. All are expected to play their role in ensuring that the rule of law is respected in the country.
  • We have agreed to further strengthen the movement and push the national reform forward.

Source: ENA