Ethiopia says re-opening roads to Eritrea's Red Sea ports a priority

(EBC; July 12, 2018) - State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Professor Afework Kassu held discussions with Argentinean Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ambassador Gustavo Teodoro Grippo on Thursday on aspects of bilateral cooperation.

On the occasion, the Ambassador handed over the congratulatory letter sent by President of Argentina to Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

During their meeting, the two sides discussed ways of strengthening bilateral relations.

Professor Afework briefed the Ambassador on the ongoing reforms Ethiopia is implementing under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

He said the recent smooth political transition in the country is exemplary to the rest of the African continent.

He also said Ethiopia is working more closely with countries in the region in a bid to enhance regional integration.

The State Minister noted Prime Minister Abiy’s recent visit to Eritrea and described it as ‘a key message to the World’.

Ambassador Gustavo, on his part hailed the reforms Ethiopia is witnessing currently.

He stated that his country is keen to work closely with Ethiopia on various bilateral and multilateral issues.

Source: MoFA

(EBC; July 12, 2018) - Ethiopia wants to make the re-opening of two roads connecting it to two of Eritrea’s Red Sea ports a priority in the two nations’ reconciliation process, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

In a move that ended a 20-year military stand-off, the Horn of African neighbors agreed on Monday to open embassies, develop ports and resume flights.

The historic reconciliation could transform politics and security in the volatile Horn region, which lies along one of the world’s busiest shipping routes.

Ethiopian government spokesman Ahmed Shide said on Wednesday that the reopening of two critical roads leading to the ports of Assab in Eritrea’s south and Massawa in the north would benefit the whole region.

“The unfolding developments will not only benefit our peoples, but the entire Horn of Africa region will be a part of these developments,” Ahmed was quoted as saying in an interview published on the Eritrean information ministry’s website.

Also on Wednesday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s chief of staff wrote on Twitter that Ethiopian and Eritrean passport holders would be able to travel to the other country and obtain visas on arrival.

The changes are sweeping away years of hostility and raising hopes in both countries for a lucrative peace dividend.

Source: Reuters