Ethiopian coffees roasters tops nominee for Good Food Awards

(EBC; November 7, 2018)  -Twenty-five United States coffee roasting companies have been named as finalists for 2019 Good Food Awards.

The awards in its ninth year, celebrates food products and their makers in numerous specialty food categories not merely for quality, but for sustainable sourcing and social impact.

Ethiopian coffees have made a strong showing on the list of 2019 finalists. Last year, all but one of the 27 finalist coffees hailed from Ethiopia, and all 15 winning coffees in 2018 came from the historic growing country.

The 2019 list of GFA finalists actually features a bit more origin diversity, although 20 of the 25 finalist coffees are Ethiopian single-origins or blends with some part Ethiopian coffee.

The finalists include Limu Organic, Bensa Sidama, Ethiopia Guji Hambela Wamena, among others.