Ethiopian’s ongoing progress is exemplary for other countries: president

(EBC; November 05, 2018) -- Ethiopian Female Senior government officials have held national Women’s Peace Forum in the capital Addis Ababa today.

President Sahel-Work Zewde said on the occasion that it is high time to uphold values that promote peace across the country.

She hailed the prime minister’s move for change noting that Dr. Abiy’s reform in the country is a big step forward not only for Ethiopian women but also for the whole society.


Yalem Tsegay, Minister for Women, Children and Youth Affairs for her part said the Forum helps to strengthen a joint works on peace building efforts in Ethiopia.


Muferiyat Kamil, who is appointed as Minister for Peace has stressed that empowerment of Women, is believed to ensure peace in the society.


Source: Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs