Government vows to improve education quality

(EBC; July 23, 2018) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has held a discussion today with 3175 academics drawn from 50 Universities across the nation.

According to Fitsum Arega, Chief of Staff, Prime Minister Office, Dr. Abiy noted on the occasion that “Inspired educators and effective teaching are essential to fulfill education’s promise.”

The premier also said that “Schooling without learning is both a wasted opportunity and injustice”.

He further noted that education reform is a key priority for the government to meet national demands.

In response to questions raised by the participants Dr. Abiy said the government is ready to welcome back the 42 academics that had been expelled from Addis Ababa University in 1993.

“Merit and academic freedom is a precondition for a freethinking and engaged intellectual life in our universities,” Dr. Abiy said.

The premier acknowledges that “Teaching is the noblest calling”. Yet, he argues that “we need to take responsibility for our failings”.

Governance challenges and conflicts are partly manifestation of the learning crisis, Dr. Abiy, noted.

The government will devote more resources, as well as focus on improving quality and learning outcomes, he said.