Parliament approves ETB 346.9 bln federal gov’t budget for 2011 fiscal year

(EBC; July 6, 2018) - The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) during its meeting this afternoon unanimously approved the draft annual federal government budget bill presented to it by the Council of Ministers.

As approved by the House, federal government budget for the upcoming 2011 Ethiopian fiscal year amounts to 346.9 billion Birr.

Earlier, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed appeared before the parliament and defended the draft budget bill proposed by his cabinet.

The premier responded to various queries forwarded to him by members of parliament on the fairness of the draft budget bill.  

Dr. Abiy explained on the occasion that substantial amount of the budget has been allocated to pro-poor sectors.

More attention has been attached to capital spending and regional subsidy rather than current expenditure, he said.