President Mulatu urges the nation to sustain peace, unity

(EBC; September 10, 2018) - President Mulatu Teshome urged all Ethiopians to stand for unity, peace and development emphasizing that stability is the foundation on which the country can maintain the ongoing sweeping reform.

In his keynote address to the nation in connection with the New Year, the President expressed his wishes for peaceful and prosperous 2011 Ethiopian New Year.

The President said “The New Year should be a year in which we build our nation and ensure the interest of the people.”

Putting peace, unity and democracy at the core of the ongoing reform that the country is undertaking, the people should unite in the year to come to sustain the change, he said.

“We need to focus on major agendas instead of focusing on minor differences,” he noted.

He recalled the instability that occurred in the country in the near past and urged the public to take lessons from the blunders.

Appreciating the culture of dialogue in resolving political differences in line with the reform, the President urged the nation to further nurture such traditions.

Source: ENA