UK deepens ties across East Africa


(EBC; October 09,2018)  - UK’s Foreign Office and DFID Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin, visited East Africa last week travelling to Ethiopia, Uganda, and Somalia, including the Somaliland region.

In Ethiopia, she announced new DFID funding will help to create a brighter future for more than a million students, including half a million girls, in line with the UK’s commitment to ensure 12 years of quality education for all.

It will support training for 125,000 teachers and performance improvements in 9,000 underperforming schools.

On the new partnership, Minister Baldwin said:

"The UK and Ethiopia are working together to tackle shared challenges and to make the most of the opportunities East Africa offers, on everything from development and education, to creating jobs and attracting investment. We will continue to support the ambitions of our partners, like Ethiopia, to build a stronger, more prosperous and more peaceful region."

The minister has also visited Uganda and pledged to support half a million refugees, who have fled from conflicts including in DRC or South Sudan.

She announced new funding for Somalia to support efforts to build a stable and democratic political system; to provide lifesaving food, clean water and medicine; and to support AMISOM’s work.