Two Worlds, One City: Billionaires Blast Off While Millions Struggle to Land.

2 Mons Ago
Two Worlds, One City:  Billionaires Blast Off While Millions Struggle to Land.

By Staff Contributor.

I have an intriguing question that has been on my mind lately. If someone were to answer it, it wouldn't be me who would reward them with a billion dollars (I mean, do I really look like I have that kind of money?), but the answer itself should at least lead them to a significant fortune, if not a billion dollars. The reason I'm so curious is because no matter where I go, I can't help but notice the presence of wealthy individuals. You can often tell someone is rich just by the scent of their perfume. Particularly among the affluent women, there is a distinct fragrance that accompanies them as they pass by, leaving a trail of opulence in the air. I remember when I was younger, I knew few wealthy individuals who exuded such an aroma, and most of them were older, educated Diasporas who had spent a significant portion of their lives abroad. However, nowadays, there are young people who are spending extravagant amounts of money on weddings, sometimes even a quarter of a country's GDP, and their families aren't exactly ancient either. This leaves me with a burning question: where are these people getting their wealth from? Are they simply printing money? I am genuinely curious about their secrets and would love to learn from them, so that I too can embark on the path to wealth.

The well-known slogan of deluxe furniture, "the difference is visible," perfectly captures the current situation. The wealth gap between the rich and the poor has become so vast that it resembles a window, with no gradual progression from poverty to wealth, but rather a drastic leap. The middle class has been engulfed and has merged with the lower class due to skyrocketing inflation. While the upper class continues to amass more wealth, the lower and middle classes continue to sink deeper into poverty, with no middle ground in sight. It is disheartening to witness someone driving a luxurious Tesla or another expensive electric car while numerous children are scattered throughout the city, begging for help. The contrast is stark. One sees individuals constructing mansions while others are forced to live on the streets, and the remaining population struggles to afford rent. On one side, people are dressed in tattered clothing, while on the other side, someone is willing to spend a staggering 80,000 birr on a perfume. It is difficult to comprehend how society can sustain itself under such circumstances without collapsing.

From my perspective, it is unjust that only a select few accumulate vast amounts of wealth while the majority suffers. Although such inequality might be expected in a developed nation, it is particularly troubling in a developing nation where not everyone has access to basic necessities like food. The country is in no need of another billionaire who simply flaunts their wealth with expensive perfumes and luxury cars. What it truly need is a billionaire who is willing to provide sustenance for those in need, someone who desires to construct schools and hospitals, and someone who actively gives back to society. The so-called multi-millionaires are fixated on living a lavish lifestyle, often forgetting to acknowledge the living conditions of the rest of society. They socialize and dine with the wealthy, but when they encounter a homeless child on the street asking for spare change, they dismiss them and hastily roll up their car windows to avoid any inconvenience. It is possible that this individual has already provided a substantial amount of money to another child somewhere else, or perhaps they are involved in their own projects that assist those in need.

Regardless of their reasons, I have observed that individuals in taxis, who may not have much to give, are more likely to offer money to homeless children. To me, this exemplifies true generosity. I am unsure why, but I have noticed on numerous occasions that those with less are often more generous compared to those with greater wealth, who one would assume would have no issue with being generous. A poor individual may willingly sacrifice a portion of their meager salary each month, even if it means they will go hungry and struggle financially, as long as the money goes towards feeding someone in need. On the other hand, a wealthy individual would not even consider parting with one of their least expensive cars from their extensive collection to help feed an entire nation. This is not to imply that every rich person is stingy and unwilling to give back to society; in fact, there are many who actively engage in philanthropic endeavors.

Instead of endlessly accumulating wealth, wouldn't it be more fulfilling to just own a house, a car, and a business while focusing on making a positive impact on society? Personally, I believe there is nothing more rewarding than helping those in need and having the ability to change lives for the better. Whether it's through financial assistance or utilizing our resources, having the power to ease burdens and provide hope to those who have hit rock bottom is truly a beautiful and noble endeavor. So, to all the wealthy individuals out there, please share your secrets to success so that people like me can also become rich and use our wealth to make a difference in the world.


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