Ethiopia Remains Home to Refugees Amid Growing Violence in the Region

1 Mon Ago
Ethiopia Remains Home to Refugees Amid Growing Violence in the Region


Ethiopia has remained Africa’s second largest refugee host, offering safe shelter to refugees primarily from South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea, 81% of which is made up of women and children.

The UN agency for refugees - UNHCR reported six months ago Ethiopia is home to more than 966,200 refugees and asylum-seekers living inside the country.

On top of this, the war in Sudan has forced tens of thousands of people almost every day to reach Ethiopia, which refugees say is their home.

And as the World Refugees Day marked here in Addis today, stakeholders picked issues related to refugees which are said to push their advocacy towards creating a world where refugees are warmly welcomed.

Refugees and Returnees Service (RRS) in partnership with UNCHR and several other relevant   parties arranged a panel here today aiming mainly at tailoring socio-economic surveys of refugees in Ethiopia.

According to RSS, papers which attracted expertise from UNHCR, INKOMOKO, RRS and refugees’ representatives, touched vital issues such as prospects and analyses of refugees, trends and patterns of forced displacements have been tabled for discussion.

In another latest story, refugees in Benishangul Gumuz Region, told EBC Amharic Friday that they are enjoying life as the host region is right now peaceful.

Performing arts, music, exhibition, cultural shows showcased by circles of talents both from host communities and members of refugees.

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