State Media Says Iran Simultaneously Launches Three Satellites

5 Mons Ago
State Media Says Iran Simultaneously Launches Three Satellites

Iran said it simultaneously launched Sunday three satellites into space for the first time, an action seen by the West as the latest for a program which advances Tehran's ballistic missiles.

Tehran launched the satellites by using the Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite carrier rocket developed by the Ministry of Defence, state media reported.

The country has failed five times in a row in launches using the Simorgh program, which have been part of a series of setbacks in recent years for Iran's civilian space program, including fatal fires and a launchpad rocket explosion that drew the attention of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

One satellite weighing 32 kg (70 pounds) and two nano-satellites of less than 10 kg each were sent to a minimum orbit of 450 km (280 miles), with the two smaller devices aimed at testing narrowband communication and geo-positioning technology, the reports said.

A day earlier, Tehran dismissed European countries’ condemnation of its launch of the Sorayya satellite, saying Iran has a legitimate right for peaceful technological advancement in the aerospace field.

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