Ethiopia, AfDB Partner to Boost Agriculture.

1 Mon Ago
Ethiopia, AfDB Partner to Boost Agriculture.


Ethiopia and the African Development Bank (AfDB) are teaming up to improve the country's agricultural sector.

During a recent meeting, Girma Amente (PhD), Ethiopia's Minister of Agriculture, and Jonathan Nzaikorera, the AfDB's Director General for East Africa, discussed areas of collaboration.

Minister Amente emphasized the need to move beyond rain-dependent farming and called for the Bank's support in developing irrigation for wheat and rice cultivation.

Ethiopia seeks AfDB’s hand in infrastructure development, water management in pastoral areas, the Ye Lemat Tirufat (National Opulence Campaign), modern animal feed production, and capacity building initiatives, Amente pointed out.

Nzaikorera confirmed the AfDB's commitment to supporting Ethiopia in these crucial areas, highlighting the Bank's existing 22 projects in the country. This partnership aims to unlock Ethiopia's agricultural potential and ensure food security for its people.//

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