Electric Infrastructure in Ethiopia Gets a $45 Mln Boost.

1 Mon Ago
Electric Infrastructure in Ethiopia Gets a $45 Mln Boost.

By Kassahun Chanie.

The Ethiopian Electric Utility has received a substantial boost from the World Bank, securing a grant of 45 million US dollars. This funding is earmarked for an ambitious initiative aimed at revitalizing the nation's electrical infrastructure and enhancing services in ten strategically selected cities.

With a keen focus on tackling persistent issues like power outages attributed to aging distribution lines, the Utility has meticulously devised a comprehensive plan. This plan encompasses a multifaceted approach that will address critical concerns in urban areas across Ethiopia.

Nekemte, Ambo, Sululta, Bishoftu, Asela, Debre-Berhan, Dila, Hosaena, Assosa, and Jigjiga are among the cities slated for transformative interventions. These cities will witness the implementation of a visionary project comprising three core components:

  1. Installation of New Transformers: A total of 195 new transformers will be strategically deployed to bolster the existing infrastructure.
  2. Upgrading and Capacity Building: Over 1009 existing transformers will undergo upgrades and capacity enhancements, ensuring they meet the evolving demands of modern electricity consumption.
  3. Expansion of Medium Voltage Lines: A substantial investment will be made to improve and expand 1,107 kilometers of medium voltage lines, effectively modernizing the distribution network.

The completion of the hiring process for an international consultant marks a crucial milestone, signaling the imminent commencement of construction activities. The Utility is actively engaging foreign contractors to undertake the ambitious endeavor.

Upon project completion, the Utility anticipates a paradigm shift in the region's energy landscape. The upgraded distribution lines will significantly enhance capacity, ushering in an era of reduced power outages and a reliable electricity supply. Moreover, the initiative promises to integrate new energy consumers, mitigate technical losses, and elevate the overall quality and reliability of energy services.

In parallel, the Utility has allocated 1.7 billion birr towards the maintenance of power infrastructure, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and longevity. Notably, efforts to restore and enhance infrastructure in the Tigray region are nearing fruition, with the Tigray Energy Service Company already making significant progress. Initiatives like the installation of 11,000 concrete slabs in the Tigray region demonstrate unwavering dedication to revitalizing the region's energy sector.

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