MoWSA, Breakthrough Trading Collaborate to Empower Ethiopian Youth.

1 Mon Ago
MoWSA, Breakthrough Trading Collaborate to Empower Ethiopian Youth.

In a significant move towards youth empowerment, the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs (MoWSA) and Breakthrough Trading have forged a partnership, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU aims to train and coach approximately 20 million young individuals across Ethiopia over an eight-year period.

During the signing ceremony, MoWSA Minister Ergogie Tesfaye (PhD) highlighted the project's scope, emphasizing its potential to benefit 20 million youth in 13 cities through comprehensive training and coaching programs. Notably, around 10,000 youth are slated to receive mentorship training as part of this initiative.

Furthermore, the project sets out to create employment opportunities for one million youth, aiming to cultivate responsible, forward-thinking individuals capable of positively impacting their communities and the nation at large.

Underlining the government's commitment to holistic youth development, Minister Ergogie emphasized collaboration with various stakeholders and the establishment of over 3,000 youth personality development centers offering a range of services, including sports and recreational activities.

Project Manager Netsanet Zenebe, also the Chairperson of Breakthrough Trading, articulated the project's core objectives, focusing on nurturing visionary, skilled, and prosperous youth. The initiative will kick off with training for 10,000 youth across 13 cities, with plans to reach 20 million youth by 2032, ultimately transforming two million individuals and facilitating job opportunities for one million.

Netsanet highlighted the overwhelming response from voluntary mentors, with around one hundred expressing readiness to contribute to the project's success.

The MoU was signed by MoWSA State Minister Muna Ahmed and Breakthrough Trading Director General Abdulfetah Hussien, marking a crucial step towards empowering Ethiopian youth and fostering sustainable development.


Source, EPA.

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