PM Abiy Reiterates Government Commitment to Support Indigenous Companies

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PM Abiy Reiterates Government Commitment  to Support Indigenous Companies

Ethiopia’s local firm, BMET Cables, a manufacturer of energy and telecom cables, received an official visit by a delegation led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The premier said, during his visit to the industries, that it is very encouraging to see local businesses making automobiles and accessories and said that, because Ethiopians have long run the cable industry, it plays a critically important role in the nation's prosperity. 

“BMET Cable has only recently begun operations, but it can make a high-tension electric cable. Moreover, it is 100% capable of producing telecom fibers. For example, this local company manufactures the electric line of the light railway that runs from Ethiopia to Djibouti. It is encouraging for our nation to see an indigenous business that is so successful,” Abiy said.

Abiy was also happy for the firm is owned and operated by locals. “Further contributing to all those efforts, this company's owner and staff are also Ethiopians. Ethiopians make up the majority of this company's workforce and owner, thus supporting their efforts to increase productivity will benefit Ethiopia in the long run by generating more capacity,” he said.

The government is determined to support local companies, and Ethiopian Telecom will receive first preference when purchasing fibers, as opposed to purchasing from foreign vendors, the Premier said, adding it will allow the country to replace export and yield multiple additional benefits.   

PM Abiy remarked that the nation's industrial development plan includes boosting steel output.

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