Chinese Premier Calls for Multilateralism, Pledges Commitment.

3 Mons Ago
Chinese Premier Calls for Multilateralism, Pledges Commitment.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang's recent statement at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 underscores China's unwavering commitment to international agreements and organizations. The premier emphasized China's stance of not walking away from agreements, avoiding withdrawals from organizations, and refraining from coercing other nations into taking sides. This reiteration by Li Qiang serves to instill confidence in the global community about China's dedication to fostering stability and cooperation on the world stage.

During his address, Li Qiang highlighted the significance of trust in international relations, attributing it to a shared vision for a better future for humanity and a collective determination to collaborate toward that goal. He acknowledged the current global turbulence but asserted that the fundamental direction of human development and progress remains unchanged, provided that nations defend multilateralism and embrace diversity.

In an effort to address the prevailing trust deficit, Li Qiang proposed a comprehensive five-point plan. The first point advocates for the strengthening of macroeconomic policy coordination, reflecting China's commitment to global economic stability. Furthermore, the premier called for enhanced global collaboration in science and technology, emphasizing the need for an open, fair, and non-discriminatory environment for innovation.

Li Qiang underscored China's reliability as a nation that values commitments and translates words into concrete actions. Highlighting China's role as a crucial driver of global development, he emphasized the country's ongoing efforts toward high-quality development and modernization across various sectors.

Experts have acknowledged China's robust industrial base, production capabilities, and innovation capacity, signaling a positive trajectory for long-term growth. Despite global uncertainties, Li reassured the international community that China remains dedicated to its fundamental national policy of openness, promising to further open its doors to the world.

Li emphasized that choosing the Chinese market is not a risk but an opportunity, extending an invitation to businesses worldwide. China, he stated, welcomes foreign investments and is committed to expanding institutional openness, reducing restrictions on foreign investment, providing national treatment for foreign businesses, and fostering a world-class business environment.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang's participation in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 demonstrates China's proactive engagement in global discussions on economic and political matters.

Source, Xinhua.

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